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OEF Workshop Series

The OEF workshop series is intended to augment the knowledge and skill set of any professional by transferring knowledge about the principles and best management practices common to high performing organizations. Many professionals that take these workshops are engaged in management consulting, accounting, project management, human resources, engineering, health & safety, mergers & acquisitions and leadership and management positions across industry sectors.

It is important to note this learning can be applied to any size and type of organization at any stage of maturity. In addition to sharing definitions, implementation guidelines and interrelationships, the OEF workshops offer a holistic (system wide) and modular (key management area) approach to improve organizational performance. This way, the participant can apply the learning to the organization’s overall quest for excellence or to address specific opportunities for improvement.

Each workshop provides an overview of the Organizational Excellence Framework (OEF) publication and opportunity for the participant to self-access their organization and prepare an action-oriented improvement plan to address gaps.

Learner Management System

Everything you need for these workshops is included on the learner management system:

Upon completion of each workshop, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Future Consideration

Those wishing to pursue a designation and become a Registered or Certified Organizational Excellence Specialist are invited to review the Opportunity for Professionals document under the Resources tab and contact us at http://organizationalexcellencespecialists.ca/contact-us/